Building Narratives that Spread

We know that in order for a narrative to be successful, our message has to stick so we ensure that our messaging is compelling and worthy of spreading.

Evoke Emotion

It’s long been known that emotional valence significantly impacts memory and that humans have a better memory of emotional stimuli. Ensuring our message evokes emotion is a key strategy to helping it stick.


The illusory truth effect is the very simple idea that information that is repeated and more familiar is believed to be true. Repeated information is easier for your brain to process and this ease of processing is interpreted as truth. Therefore, repetition of a narrative is absolutely critical to success.

Theory of Change

Our theory of change hinges on the idea that for a message to be successful, it must engage the base, persuade the middle, and alienate the opposition. A successful message is one that spreads and in order for it to be spread, our core supporters must be energized by it enough to repeat it to others. The organic spread of a message is critical because hearing an idea from someone close to you that you know and trust lends greater credibility than hearing a message from an unknown third party.

All of RC's messaging is developed in close collaboration with Anat Shenker-Osorio and ASO Communications.